At Reveal, we understand that your privacy is of primary concern.

For many people who are considering Zerona, confidentiality is of the utmost importance. We understand your need for privacy, we take firm steps to maintain discretion and safeguard confidentiality for all our patients. Our entire staff has been trained to act with discretion. We guarantee that every effort will be made to ensure the privacy of each of our patients. In addition, complete anonymity is available. This special feature includes that we are located at a spa, name alias for appointments and procedures at our office.

Beyond the physical steps taken in our facility’s design, we also have implemented a coordinated and thorough privacy policy for our staff. All of our staff members undergo specialized training about the safeguarding of patient privacy. We have a designated privacy officer to supervise our efforts to protect your confidentiality. All of our records are either physically located in locked file cabinet or digitally scanned and kept in an encrypted computer system that is always government-grade encrypted, to deliver the strongest commercially available data security. Not even a professional data recovery service can access or restore your data without the correct password. Encryption is what everyone uses to protect data that is confidential.
We also take proactive steps to maintain your privacy. When we first meet you, we will ask you how you prefer us to communicate with you so that the utmost discretion is maintained. You might prefer us to call you only on your cell phone, for example, and not at home or at work and we honor all such requests. No member of our staff will discuss any aspect of your care (or even that you are receiving care) with anyone at any time, unless you have given us permission to do so.